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Reservations / Private Event

For larger parties (15+), we do offer reservations and even a private event space here at Alexandria Brewing Co.  Please scroll down to the FAQs section as most questions are answered there.

If you are interested in holding an event here, please see our private event contract for our minimums.  We can accommodate wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, high school reunions, large birthday parties, etc…. You can reserve our backroom any day or night of the week.  As of now, you can reserve the whole brewery on Mondays only.  As we grow and our hours change, this may change. 

If you are interested in booking a private event or want more information, please email Ann Reynolds, our event coordinator, at  Also, most questions can be answered below.  Click the "Private Event Contract" box for the contract and our minimum bar tab.  Keep in mind, Four Mile Pig is a separate business and any food purchases will not count towards your party's minimum.

FAQs About Private Events

  1. What is your capacity? - We are rated at 100 in our front and 98 in our backroom.

  2. We do not think you have sufficient seating for our event. Can I bring my own? - Absolutely. We are also happy to rent tables, chairs, and tablecloths for you. We will not up charge you for doing this, just pass what the rental company charges on to you. However, if you need help setting them up you may be subject to a labor charge.

  3. My party is roughly 20 to 30 people. Should I schedule a private event? - That depends on how private you want your party to be. We do have the ability to reserve tables for larger groups (above 15). We do this by placing a "Reserved" table tent on up to 4 tables roughly a half hour to an hour before your party is due to arrive. If we were to fill up before we could place the the sign and the group sitting at the tables we planned to reserve for your party does not leave before your party arrives, we will not ask them to move. We will ask you to wait until we have availability.

  4. I want to rent out your whole brewery on a Saturday night. Can I do it? - No. We would not want to keep out our regular customers. While we appreciate you wanting to hold your event here, we would have too many others that would have a bad taste in their mouth if we were to close completely during a regular night for us. So, no matter how lucrative it may be for us, in the long run, it will not be worth it. With that said, you can reserve our backroom on a Saturday night.

  5. Can you cater our event? - No, but Four Mile Pig can. If you do want your event catered, we are required by our contract with Four Mile Pig to have you contact them first. If they are unable to match your menu requirements, you just have to provide us proof you contacted them. At that point you are welcome to use any other option you'd like.

  6. Can my guests run individual tabs? - Yes. We do count the individual tabs towards your minimum by tracking them at the bar on paper. A problem can arise if your guests leave the backroom to order from another part of the bar. However, as long as we associate their name with your event, when they cash out, their entire tab will get added to your tally sheet for your party's total.

  7. How do I book a private event? - Fill out, print, and sign our private event contract. Email us at to check availability. Once you settle on a date, email us the contract. We will assign you an event coordinator who will work with you and answer any questions you may have leading up to your event.