Alexandria Brewing Company

Brewed in Cincinnati tradition. Proudly made in Kentucky.



Our Beers

Here at Alexandria Brewing Company, we take pride in crafting something from our hands and bringing it to the table. In our taproom we keep all of our regulars on draft and have a rotating selection of seasonal beers and even some one-off experiments on draft. We are working on distributing our kegged beer throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

What makes being a small town brewery great is that we are part of the community.  We listen to our neighbors and want to collaborate on beer ideas.  If we don't have a beer style you like, please feel free to make a suggestion on our Facebook page.   Please scroll down for all of our beers and a description of each.  Looking for something different or not a fan of beer, check out our beer cocktails.

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The Regulars

Seasonals & Other Rotating Releases

Charity, Rare, and One-Off Releases

*Charity Beer, scroll down to bottom to learn more

Brew with the Brewer / Employee Brewed Series

As a Kickstarter Reward, we offered a Brew with the Brewer Package. Since our Kickstarter campaign, we have grown the program as a way to donate something to select charities for an auction or raffle, providing the winner an experience to spend a day brewing on our big system and designing a recipe of their own with our head brewer. Later on, they get to brew this recipe on our pilot system and we are proud to serve it at our bar. If it is successful, we brew it on our brewhaus.

We also encourage all of our employees to learn more about the brewing process. Our head brewer helps our employees design a recipe and then our employees will brew their recipe on our pilot system to serve in our taproom. This started as an employee brewing contest where the winner will get to brew their recipe on our brewhaus.

Beers will be added as they are brewed.

Information on Our Charity Beers

As we grow, we plan to support more and more charities.  Some will be supported through sponsorship, others will be promoted through a charity beer.  Below you can find information on the charities your money goes to when you purchase a certain beer.

  • Brothers in Arms - Brothers in Arms goes to two veteran charities at this time, The Wounded Warrior Project & Deep Sea Valkyries. Both have impacted Alexandria Brewing Company and we are proud to give back what we can.

  • One Day As A Lion - this beer supports the Center for Courageous Kids (CCK). This is an amazing group of people that help children with medical conditions feel less isolated. It is a camp kids can go to for a week with other kids facing their same uphill battles. It reminds these children that they are not alone with their condition and provides them an opprotunity to just be a kid.


Craft Soda

Find all the nutritional information on our craft soda here:

Local Sourced Ingredient Partners

  • Honey - we use honey in a few of our beers, JWR and Go Hop Yourself being the two biggest. When we use clover honey, we are currently sourcing it through Queen City Bee Co. They do more than just honey. If you find yourself with a bit of a bee problem in your yard and you need it fixed, Queen City Bee offers removal services that will safely transport our pollinating friends.



  • Hops - Hops Springs Farm in Camp Springs, KY. We are hoping that they well have a large enough yield for a harvest each year. Going forward, we plan to source our Hallertau, Cascade, Sorachi Ace, and Columbus strains though them as they move to pelletizing.

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  • Ginger - We obtain a large amount of our ginger from Fairy Rose Farm in Falmouth, KY. We occasionally will have a beer or two that contains ginger, but our primary focus with this amazing plant is our ginger ale.