Alexandria Brewing Company

Brewed in Cincinnati tradition. Proudly made in Kentucky.



Frequently Asked Questions


Heading out to see us?  Here are some things you may want to consider:

What are your hours? - Please check out our "Location & Hours" section.

Are you dog friendly?  - We are not inside because we offer food through our partner, Four Mile Pig.  However, we do have an outside patio area where dogs  are more than welcome.

Are you kid friendly?  - Absolutely.  We are family friendly and have a cocktail arcade machine, a pinball machine, and a foosball table that are free to play.  On top of that, we have coloring books, crayons, and board games to keep your young ones entertained.  With that said, we are not babysitters and this is a drinking establishment.  We ask that you keep an eye on your kids.  Children left unattended will be sold to gypsies.  This is not an invitation to let your kids loose so you can sit at the bar and drink.

What is the atmosphere like? -  As our logo implies we love rock & roll.  Expect a mix of 90's grunge, 90's alternative, blues, punk, and heavy metal on our stereo at any given time.  Our backroom tends to have the heavier music.  Our taproom is essentially two sections with our bar connecting them.  The front is built with reclaimed barn wood from a fallen barn in New Richmond, Ohio.  The back is a warehouse with a view of our production area.  We have one of the biggest TV screens in the Tri-State area and have multiple other TVs around our taproom.  On top of the free entertainment listed above, we also have Golden Tee and Pop-a-shot in our backroom.  

Can I bring outside food? - We do not allow outside food, but if you have a young one that will not eat the delicious, smokey goodness of The Four Mile Pig, you are more than welcome to bring food in for them.  Also if you are a vegan, vegetarian, or have a special diet and they do not offer anything that will work for your diet, please feel free to bring something in, just make sure to let a member of our staff know.  Just please don't be offended if you say you need gluten-free, we see you eating pizza from our neighbors, and we call you out on it.

Am I allowed to smoke?  - No.  We use oxygen in our brewing process and do not allow smoking inside our facility.  However, we do have an outdoor patio area where you are more than welcome to smoke or vape.

What is your growler fill policy? - It depends on the beer and our inventory.  We do plan to have crowler station coming soon (32 oz cans).   

***We are struggling to keep up with demand, but will fill your growler at the cost of 4 beers.  We do not stock growlers at this time.***

Do you offer live entertainment? - At this time we do not.  We hope that will change in the future.  If you are in a band looking to book with us, before you contact us read the atmosphere question above.  If you are an Acoustic Band,  Southern Rock, Country, Blue Grass, Pop, or an AC/DC or Nickelback cover band, we will not even consider you. 

Do you offer a private event option? - Yes.  For more information please click here.