Alexandria Brewing Company

Brewed in Cincinnati tradition. Proudly made in Kentucky.



Beer Cocktail Menu

Not a fan of beer or want to change things up?  Our beer cocktails may be just what you need.


Your choice of Ann’s Sweet White Ale or All Up In Your Berliner mixed with 4 oz of orange juice served with a lemon or orange slice.  Get a limited edition pint glass for just $1 more .


Your choice of our cider on draft layered with your choice of our beer.  We recommend a lager or All Up In Your Berliner.


Your choice of any German style beer we have on draft cut with 8oz of lemonade.


Himbeer Sirup (Raspberry Syrup)

We offer German style himbeer sirup to put in any beer to make your own beer cocktail.  Traditionally, this is served with a Berlinerweisse or Gose in Germany to balance out the sour.  We have found that it really changes our Berliner and makes it even more refreshing.  It is also really good in several of the ciders we rotate in.  This is an à la carte  item available for free at the bar.  Feel free to use as little or as much as you would like


Black & Tan

Black & Tan

Typically an ale with a stout layered on top.  This is a rotating option that is based on what we have on draft and may not always be available.  Please talk to your bartender on options.


Seasonal Avalibility


Similar to the Michelanda except we do not add the hot sauce and skip the chili powder on the rim.  Still refreshing, but in a much different way.


A mix of our The Incomparable Mr. Flannery, hot sauce, a hint of worcestershire, and lime juice served in a salt/chili-powdered rimmed glass.  Very refreshing comining a balance of heat and tart.  Try subbing in All Up In Your Berliner for a different twist.