Alexandria Brewing Company

Brewed in Cincinnati tradition. Proudly made in Kentucky.



The Journey

Well, it has been awhile since I have written anything in here.  I know there will be another post coming soon from our Chief Operations Officer, Brad Martin.  So, keep your eyes out for it. 

Anyway, I am writing this on the last business day before we take a huge leap.  It has been a long trip to get us here.  As we prepare to launch our Kickstarter campaign Tuesday morning (07/05/2016), the butterflies in my stomach are fluttering and I realize how much we truly have riding on it.  This is possibly the make it or break it moment for us.  The whole thing feels surreal and I am not sure how to take it.  I have overcome more difficult adversity in my life, that is for certain.  In the back of my mind, I try to remember that time is really all that I have lost if this fails, but it feels like it is so much more than that to me.

Before we launch this, I need to make sure I thank everyone for their support.  I know I do it on the Kickstarter video, but I can't say it enough.  We have had a core group of people that started following us back when this was conceptualized, before my health problems and before I went to Siebel.  Since then, our following has grown in an organic / grassroots kind of way via Facebook.  Thank you all for your continued support, all of your likes, and shares.  They have given me the strength to pursue this dream. I want to thank all of the soldiers I have had the privilege to serve with, in particular Scott Nieberding.  I also want to thank Alex and Patty Klier.  Patty is an awesome photographer who was able to come in last minute and take the photos for our Kickstarter campaign.  Trevor Kinkade is an Army Veteran that did terrific work coming up with our branding and logo.  Trevor, thank you so much for your service and all you have done for us.  Thank you to Tony Nguyen who worked his tail off for us to help make this Kickstarter a success.  Thank you to Racheal and Sylvain Fasciotto, thank you for being there to taste all of the good and all of the bad experiments, throwing tasting parties to get feedback, and just being awesome people.  Eric Western and Mike Martin, you have really encouraged me every time I felt like I was finished.  It was an honor to serve with both of you.  I can't thank you enough for getting me into the hobby of craft beer / brewing.  It changed my life.  My parents, brothers, and sister, we may not always see eye to eye, but your encouragement has brought me to where I am, thank you.  To the Alexandria Brewing Company team, Erin Hafertepen, Brian Fish, and Brad Martin, you all have been nothing short of amazing throughout this whole process.  Thank you for all you have done and all you will continue to do.  Finally, I need to thank my wife (Ann Reynolds) and two children (Cecilia and Johnathan).  Ann, you have been my rock and my life has been absolutely outstanding because of you.  You have stood by me through some of the lowest and roughest points in my life and have been an incredible mother to both of our children.  Cecilia and Johnathan, you both are growing up so fast.  I am amazed with the things you have taught me.  Cecilia, your mother and I have always said you have an old soul and I hope that never changes.  You are a unique and incredible individual.  John, you are smart, funny, and intelligent at only two years old.  I can't wait until we are able to brew together.  There are so many people I am leaving out like Nate, T.J., Mike, Gregg, Max, Dave, Brent, and so, so many more.  The fact of the matter is that I may not be material rich, but I am rich where it counts.  You all have made me feel that way throughout my entire life, despite my failure to express it. 

Alright, That's all I have got.  Hopefully, I didn't get too sappy for you.  So, over the upcoming weeks, as the Kickstarter campaign runs, I will do my best to jump on here and write another update as to where we stand and how things are going.  I have quite a few things going on that will hopefully keep my mind occupied throughout the whole campaign, although I somehow doubt I will be able to stay in the present.  Regardless, thank you all for your continued support.  I am truly humbled by this whole experience.  Regardless of what happens next, you all, the fans of this project, have really impacted me for the better.  Thank you.