Alexandria Brewing Company

Brewed in Cincinnati tradition. Proudly made in Kentucky.



Life is an odd thing...

Hi everyone!  I am founder and head brewer of Alexandria Brewing Company, Andy Reynolds.  I can't believe we are up to almost 500 likes on the old Facebook.  It has been a mostly a word of mouth campaign to get the word out and I am humbled by your support.  So to give you a quick update, I am working my fingers to the bone making beer for a wedding gift for a friend.  This is an interesting test market for us in a way too (not to say we are using his wedding for such, but market research is market research, right?).  A wedding will have a large range of people, allowing me to know how my beer appeals to the masses.  What is odd about the whole thing is that I have built a semiprofessional brewing system which will probably wind up being our pilot system at the brewery.  It is crazy when I combined the ingenuity developed as a home brewer and the education I obtained from Siebel.  Life is an odd thing sometimes.