Alexandria Brewing Company

Brewed in Cincinnati tradition. Proudly made in Kentucky.




What a crazy month October has been so far and we are only half way through it!  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for my wife.  For those who don't know, she had brain surgery on Monday this week.  It has put a hold on things for the brewery while I focus on her and her recovery.  She is doing very well.  She is tough as nails and was discharged from the hospital a day early because of her sheer ability to fight. 

On the brewery front, we are working diligently on all the sweet paperwork that comes with being a manufacturer of quality craft beer. Our biggest hurdle is not having a location.  So, again, if anyone knows of a place in the Alexandria / Cold Spring area coming on the market, please let us know.  We are also brain storming on some Kick Starter campaign ideas.  We want it to be a unique experience for you and the community.  So, we want you to get involved and suggest some ideas on our Facebook page.  Let us know what type of rewards you would like to see for donating to our Kick Starter campaign.