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There has been a ton of talk lately about transparency in brewing ingredients.  We try to be as transparent as possible but that also requires time to update our website and our labels which, as a small business, we are always short on it.  If you ask me or any of our bartenders, we will let you know if one of our beers contains a possible allergen or anything that you may not feel comfortable putting in your body.  My goal with this blog post is to breakdown some rumors, explain common adjuncts and clarifying agents most breweries use, and let you know which of our beers use what, if any, of them.

Let’s start out with the commercial that is causing the biggest controversy, the corn syrup delivery.  Today I read…

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We are going wood crazy

If you follow us on social media, you are not surprised by the title of this blog.  It seems we are posting images of our woodwork daily.  We are sanding old barn wood to repurpose for our bar face and décor.  We also found an old beat up oak table that will become the top of a barrel table.  Another interesting piece you will find is an eight-person high top table that was made of an old freezer door.  It was removed from a convent back in the 1970’s and served as the bar in my parents’ basement for most of my life.  With all of this

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